Der Neue Overbeck Online

The Yale University community now has online access to the Der neue Overbeck (DNO): Die antiken Schriftquellen zun den bildenden Künsten, edited by Sascha Kansteiner, Klaus Hallof, Lauri Lehrmann, Bernd Seidensticker, and Klaus Stemmer (De Gruyter, 20014.) A monumental expansion and revision of Johannes Overbeck's Antiken Schriftquellen zur Geschichte der bildenden Künste bei den Griechen (Leipzig, 1868) the DNO collects the written sources, including inscriptions, for Greek visual artists from the earliest remains to the 5th century A.D. German translations, brief philological commentaries, and bibliographies are also provided, as well as illustrations. The five volume print set is also available in the Classics Library. The online version is a fully searchable database and includes somewhat higher resolution images than those reproduced in the printed volume. Scans of the 'alte Overbeck' are available from the Hathi Trust digital library:

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The Yale University Library is delighted to announce its participation in the launch of\ Borrow Direct Plus – an expansion of the current Borrow Direct service. This will include on-site borrowing privileges starting October 1, 2014 for all students, faculty and staff from Borrow Direct institutions. Read more here:

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New Online Content from Oxford

A variety of new online books are now available to the Yale community from Oxford University Press, including
New Classical Studies Titles in Oxford Scholarship Online
More online Oxford Handbooks for Classics, including the Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Comedy, Michael Fontaine and Adele C. Scafuro (eds), and the Oxford Handbook of Childhood and Education in the Classical World, Judith Evans Grubbs and Tim Parkin (eds.)
The Oxford Companion to Archaeology 2nd edition. Neil Asher Silberman, ed. online in the Oxford Reference.

New Oxford Bibliographies
Orpheus and Orphism Alberto Bernabé
Ennius Sandro La Barbera
Cities in the Roman World Gareth Sears
Technology, Greek and RomanJohn Peter Oleson
Bacchylides Peter Agócs